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Deaf Vibes Branding Guidelines

Welcome to the Deaf Vibes Branding Guidelines page. You’ll find all the essential information needed to understand and accurately represent our brand here. From our logo to our color palette and beyond, these elements work together to convey the essence of Deaf Vibes.

Core Branding Elements


Our logo is a visual representation of our commitment to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. It combines elements that reflect communication, technology, and empowerment.

  • Primary Logo: The default version of our logo to be used in most applications.
Deaf Vibes logo
  • Variations: Different colors (adhering to our primary palette), orientations, and simplified versions for specific uses are included.
  • Usage Guidelines: The logo should maintain a clear space around it and should not be altered in shape or color outside of the provided variations.

Color Palette

Primary Palette

Deaf Vibes Colors
  • Primary (#82019a): Vibrant purple representing creativity and wisdom.
  • Tint 1 (#9b1ab3), Tint 2 (#b534cd), Tint 3 (#ce4de6): Progressively lighter tints for design versatility.

Secondary Palette

  • Secondary (#b9caf8): Soft blue reflecting trust and clarity.
  • Tint 1 (#dff0ff), Tint 2 (#ecfdff), Tint 3 (#ffffff): Gradations for depth and contrast.

Tertiary Palette

  • Tertiary (#3a4aaf): Deep blue symbolizing knowledge and integrity.
  • Tint 1 (#6070d5), Tint 2 (#6d7de2), Tint 3 (#8696fb): Lighter shades for highlighting and emphasis.

Gray Palette

  • Grays (#010101, #453b46, #9d969e, #cecbcf): From dark to light, for supporting text and background elements.

Imagery and Graphics

Our visual style uses a blend of photography and illustrations that are inclusive, empowering, and reflective of the deaf and hard of hearing community’s diversity. Icons and graphics adhere to our color palette, ensuring brand consistency.

Brand Identity


Mission Statement

“To empower the deaf and hard of hearing community through accessible, engaging, and meaningful content and technology.”

Vision Statement

“A world where hearing loss is no barrier to achieving one’s full potential.”

Brand Values

  • Inclusivity: Embracing diversity within the deaf and hard of hearing community.
  • Empowerment: Providing tools and information for self-advocacy and growth.
  • Innovation: Leveraging technology to break down communication barriers.

Brand Voice & Tone

Our brand communicates in a friendly, informative, and supportive way, with a professional yet approachable tone.

Additional Valuable Components

Brand Story

Deaf Vibes was founded to fill a gap in accessible information and technology for the deaf and hard of hearing. Our journey is one of passion, innovation, and community.


“Connecting Vibrations, Creating Possibilities.”

Testimonials and Case Studies

Featuring stories of impact and success, demonstrating the value Deaf Vibes brings to our community.


Presentation and Accessibility

  • Visual: This page and all branding materials reflect our brand’s visual identity for consistency.
  • Navigation: Information is organized under clear headings for ease of access.
  • Accessibility: A downloadable PDF of our branding guidelines is available for comprehensive reference.

Important Notes

  • Brand Guidelines: Our comprehensive brand guidelines document provides further details on logo usage, typography, and spacing.
  • Updates: These guidelines are periodically reviewed and updated to reflect the evolving nature of our brand.

For any branding inquiries or permission requests, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our brand team at


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